Blue Flower

With a specialist history of more than 40 years in the Valve industry,
Bob has extensive knowledge and experience in valve repair, manufacturing,
marketing and user related sectors of the Steel, Mining, Power/Energy and Environmental industries.

ValveMan Services is now into its 21'st year and has an extensive experience in the Australian valve industry.

ValveMan specialises in valve supply, refurbishment, lifecycle maintenance and documentation.

Supervised Overhaul and Repair System (SOARS)

Our process of overhauling and refurbishing a valve is extensively documented. Valves are tested in our workshop and any refurbishment is done on-site by experienced ValveMan staff.

Click HERE to view a SOARS Test Certificate Example (in PDF format)

ValveMan Services has completed thousands of refurbishments and valve modifications for clients.

The SOARS (Supervised Overhaul and Repair Systems) along with VAATS (Valve Analysis And Technical Support/Services) ensures best practice with maximisation of valve operation and cycle life.

A repair mapping service for all valves and components we deal with has been used since our beginning with many of our customers able to establish ongoing maintenance and replacements. The mapping service includes measurement and checks for wear, cycle life and damage in those parts/components against manufacturers known data and or industry established valve criteria.

The sizes of valves serviced and supplied range from small vacuum relief valves of 8mm (1/4) through 900#-2500# Class Safety & Relief Valves to Large Damper Control type valves of 2440mm (96) in diameter.