Blue Flower

ValveMan Services is a specialised valve service and resource company formed in the late 1990s to meet Plant and Industry’s changing demands in supply and refurbishment of valves. While most of the operation has been in the state of NSW, it has been servicing and supplying clients throughout Australia and internationally. We have established a reputation as ValveMen, with uncompromising standards to be found in our work.

In our current phase the company has established its own workshop, within a highly qualified and specialised machining and fabrication facility in the Illawarra region, south of Sydney. This workshop includes design and support facilities commensurate with a large industrial city and ensures ongoing engineering technical advances and growth enhanced by all the ValveMan knowledge and clients.

While the ValveMan team has collectively 110 years plus experience with particular reference to valve and actuation products, we believed it was of upmost importance to maintain an independence from the many manufacturers to increase the learning and knowledge for greater customer satisfaction. Never losing sight of the need to maintain the best possible relations with the majors and to increase our sales turnover as well.

We have created systems like, SOARS, VAATS, etc., to build on our solid reputation as a progressive company that can respond quickly to needs of suppliers and customers. The ValveMan business has always been involved in day to day valve sales to capture the current market costs and be ready to seek new business opportunities. New product sales make up some 50% of the business outside the repair/replacement scope.

Going Forward

At ValveMan we have now identified some new goals and directions, to this end we have expanded our relationship with Leussink Engineering, whom we have worked with over 10 years, to harness the opportunities inherent in their state of the art machinery workshop.
Some key points that have been identified.:-

·       Develop our skills with equipment and manpower.

·       Add people with skills in Engineering and Instrumentation Electronics

·       Add equipment for improved testing and to speed up our operative processes

·       Utilize our IT interface that is essential in doing business today.

·       Turn the existing records and processes into Internet/Intranet usability

·       Improve and speed up all the communication and work processes.

·       Increase business with some changes to our Valve product base.

·       Extend our client base and the industry areas we are missing at present.